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    Hold injection part assemble samples
    Brief description
    we are design Hold injection part assemble samples
    and offer produce all the part
    Cabin Molds&Plastic Co.,LTD are Professional Plastic Plastic molds and plastic products, electronic, digital, communication type: LCD, LCD monitors, mobile phones, laptops, Internet, router, mouse, keyboard, computer panel, MP3, MP4, MP5, converters, set-top boxes, digital cameras, DV, car DVD, DVB, DVR, camera, U disk, charger, GPS electronic guide line, telephone, mobile phones, hard drives, computer speakers, printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners, OEM Bluetooth headset business to expand growth. The company constantly improve their own times, in the expectation and cooperation, so that Bluetooth products closer to the market to meet customer demand for partners to provide high-quality Bluetooth headset products and quality service.
    Relevant parameter
    Size: 1000*400*550
    Color: white
    Weight: 1235 kg
    Detailed profile

    we are design Hold injection part assemble samples
    and offer produce all the part,

    Part name:  DVD mould/household appliance mould
    Mould Steel: P20,  S136, 718,718H,738, 738H, 1.2343,1.2767
    Mould Base:  LKM.DME, Hasco standard
    Mould Components:   DME, PUNCH,etc.(For Reference)
    Main Softwares:   Autocad, UG, PROE, Catia, Solidworks, etc.    
    After-sales Services:    Experienced engineers will provide all-round   technical solutions  to any problems occurred
    in customers’ mould operation.
    Features:  High efficiency, short delivery time, competitive price.
    For the custom auto plastic accessories: One in a plastic bags tissue paper, then put the bags in a carton
    Delivery: By sea or By air
    Delivery time:30day
    We can produced all kinds of plastic home appliance, as long as you send me the 3D drawings or related 2D data
    of the products, we can quote for you within 2 to 3 days
    We are wecome the plasitc part can produce it on our company. injection mold. Pleastic mold

    we are according to the customer requrie design assemble part .and confirm with the customer . and design the injection mold .

    we are offer the low price and high quality samples

    mold manufacture/ mold supplier/injection mold/2k mold

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