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    Cabin  Molds & Plastic Co. Ltd is funded in ShenZhen China in 2008
           At the world wide market Cabin Molds & Plastic Ltd.making is precision mold, is a demand business parter-especially in holistic solutions of complex developments
            100% of our customers are abroad (outside China), to better suit our customers’ needs we focus on the following areas:

    Custom Injection Molding (precision Hasco DME standard)
    Service Injection Molding (precision mold solutions)

                          Making mold flow analysis report.(Precision flow check )

                          Making production and molds possibility analysis

                          Plastic Injection Tool Design & Tool Building (chech all)
    Contracted Die Casting & Metal Stamping
    Contracted Rubber & Silicone Making
    Related Printing & Assembly

                           Production of plastic injection articles made     of high-technology materials.

    CMP specializes in precise plastic mold making as well as plastic parts injection


       42# wanfu Road   Pinghu Town, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, PR.China Postal code :518111 
      Tel:+86-(0)755-89698547     Fax:+86-(0)755-89385672  E_mail: Sales@mold-supplier.net   SKYPE: wayle123.ning
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    Cabin  Molds & Plastic Co., Ltd  Copyright @ 2008-2012 


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